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Arunachal Pradesh
83,743 sq. Kms of Arunachal Pradesh consist of thickly forested mountains teeming with an amazing variety of wild life species and adorned with an incredible bio diversity of rich flora (it has more than 500 rare orchid species) and scattered villages
Assam is the first state you encounter when you travel to the North East sector of India and is virtually the gateway to the entire region. Rich in natural resources, abundant wild life some of which unfortunately stand listed as endangered species
Manipur – the land of jewels - like all north eastern states, has been gifted with lush green forests, sylvan lakes and an abundant variety of flora and fauna. Located between 25 and 26.15 ° north latitude and 89.45 and 92.47 ° east longitude, Manipur is still relatively emote and undiscovered
The Abode of Clouds & Misty Mountains Meghalaya bordered by Assam to the north and east and Bangladesh to its west is one of north east India 's most attractive states. Sustaining a wealth of rolling green, thickly forested hills that nurture an amazing ecological diversity
The remotest state in the country – Mizo means highlander - that's how many term this lush green land shaped like a finger pointing towards its southern neighbour the country of Bangladesh . Bordered to the east by Myanmar and Assam stretching to its north it also shares borders with Manipur
Nagaland with an area of 16,488 Sq.Kms of rich green hills, glistening streams and cascading waterfalls became a state in 1963 and was formed out of the previous Naga Hills Tuesnsang Area (NHTA). The state is comprised of 14 major tribes who have distinct dialects, cultures and traditions.
Tripura India's second smallest state lies at the southern extremity of the north east region of the country bordered by Bangladesh on three sides. To the north is the state of Assam while Mizoram lies to its north east. Located between 22 ° 56 and 24 ° 32 north latitude and 90 ° 09 and 92 ° 20 east latitude
Seasonal Packages
  • title

    Nagaland Tour

    6 Nights / 7 Days
    Tucked away in the far north-east of India, wedged between the borders of Bhutan...

  • title

    Wild Life Assam Nagaland Tour

    15 Nights / 16 Days
    The hilltop villages are protected by stone walls. The morung, a meeting house,...

  • title

    Mopin Festival

    13 Nights / 14 Days
    Guwahati: Met upon arrival and drive to ECO CAM for 5 hours. On the way we will cross ...

  • title

    Tawang Trekking

    14 Nights / 15 Days
    Arrived at Guwahati airport. Drive to Bhulakpong 230km 6 hrs overnight at hotel ....

  • title

    Tawang Kaziranga

    13 Nights / 14 Days
    Fly from Delhi or Kolkata - to - Dibrughar / drive to Sibsager over / night / hotel ....

  • title

    Nagaland Tours North East India

    12 Nights / 13 Days
    Checked in hotel. Lunch After noon visit Tea plantation and factory

  • title

    Aoling Festival konyak Tribe

    18 Nights / 19 Days
    Arrived Ghy Drive to Eco Camp / bhulakpong 260km 6 hrs drive over/night/ eco camp/ hotel ...

  • title


    12 Nights / 13 Days
    Nature has bestowed it's plentiful bounties on Arunachal Pradesh, India's land of rising sun....

Culture Tours
  • title

    Eagle Nest & Kaziranga Wild Life

    11 Days
    Arrived Gawahati drive to eco camp 230km 6 hrs overnight / tented accom-modation Namari wild life century

  • title

    The Nagaland Spotlight Tour

    9 Days
    Arrived Gawahati drive to eco camp 230km 6 hrs overnight / tented accom- modation Namari wild life century

  • title

    Discover Manipur-Jewel of India

    6 Nts / 7 days
    The tiny state of Manipur has many surprises to offer . It is a land of ancient culture and matchless natural beauty.

  • title

    The Grand Assam Jeep Tour

    16 Days
    We take a 5 hour ferry boat ride to cross the expansive Brahmaputra River to Pasighat.