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Situated in central west Tripura, its capital Agartala is 1689 Kms from Kolkata. Guwahati lies 599 Kms to the north west accessed by NH 44 via Shillong and is a 24 hour journey. This historic town is known for its elaborate palaces - the enormous Ujjayanta Palace which is now the state assembly, the striking lake palace of Neermahal and the It is also known for its poetry Originally The foundations of this peaceful town were laid by a respected ruler – Maharaja Radha Krishna Kishore Manikya Bahadur in the year 1850. From then on besides the tribal communities other settlers from neighbouring states began heading for this picturesque small state. Today Tripura has a sizeable Bengali population and even the official language of the state remains Bengali. The best period to visit Tripura is during the months of October through April. Another striking feature in this laidback town is the number of colourful umbrellas erected over ponds to commemorate the dead. Tripura can boast of a rich heritage and culture. Rabindranath Tagore often came to visit and stay for a while. Sachin and his son Rahul Dev Burman the famous musicians were residents of Tripura's cultural milieu.

Ujjayanta Palace

Built in 1901 by the erstwhile ruler of this picturesque state- Maharaja Radhakishore Manikya in the Indo Saracenic style, this magnificent two storied palace with three domes is set in a 28 hectare parkland and overlooks a placid lake. Shiny tiled floors and carved ceilings of wood and intricately crafted doors make this one of the exceptional structures in Agartala. Today it is the State Legislative Assembly. Within the well landscaped grounds resembling the Moghul gardens, stand two the ochre coloured temples of Umanneshwar and Jagannath. In the nights the entire palace is floodlit and appears like a fairy tale palace.

Pushbanta Palace

In 1917 another elaborate palace came up built by Maharaja Birendra Kishore Manikya a kilometre away from the Ujjayanta Palace . The Maharaja himself designed this ornate mansion with beautifully laid our gardens. It stands a kilometre away from the Ujjayanta Palace and played host in 1926 to the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore who came here to compose songs and pen poetry. Close by is the Malancha Niwas where in 1919, Tagore lived in a earth and thatch house. Today this edifice is the official residence of the Governor. However one part of this stately structure can be visited.


55 Kms away from Agartala stands the beautiful Neermahal palace surrounded by the serene Rudrasagar lake. The only lake palace in the north east, it was used as a summer resort by the then Maharaja and has a total area of about 5.35 q. Kms. The palace itself has been built combing both Hindu and Moghul architectural styles. An annual fair is held here every January where you can pick up some excellent bamboo and cane handicrafts and at the same time experience this states fascinating culture.

The Tripura Government Museum

Houses numerous archaeological artefacts and stone figures besides other sculptures and cultural galleries.

Around Agartala

178 Kms from the capital in North Tripura are ancient Unakoti rock carvings and stone images that archaeologists date back to the 9 th century A.D. Here you can see a gigantic 30 ft statue of Shiva who strongly infuses Tripura's traditional history. 58 Kms from the capital is the Mata Tripureshwari Temple that is among the 51 pitha stalas as mentioned in the scriptures. This famous temple is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year where in the sanctum sanctorum stands the idol of Goddess Kali. 14 km from Agartala is the Chaturdas Devta Bari Temple where the traditional tribal festival of Karachi is held very July. Another interesting temple – Ma Bhubaneshwari on the banks of the Gomti River , was built by Maharaja Givinda Manikya in the 17 th century. The Wild Life Sanctuary of Sipahijala is located on the Agartala-Udaipur road 22 kms from Agartala. Rich with vegetation it is also home to a number of wild life species and a large lake within the sanctuary offers boat rides.

A delightful toy train also gives rides within a distance of 1.5 Kms. The lush green Jampui Hills, 200 Kms from Agartala and close to the Mizoram border is where spring never ends. At an average height of 600 metres, the area is renowned for its delicious oranges, wild orchids and glimmering streams. Another captivating place is the small town of Udaipur in south Tripura adorned with numerous lakes. Lakes, Palaces, Temples and an abundance of flourishing green forests and hillsides, Tripura is an unforgettable experience and Tribal Discovery has some enjoyable packages to share with you.

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