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Kohima and its Surroundings

Situated at a height of 1800 metres, Kohima the capital of this verdant and misty state offers the visitor excellent holidays. Enjoying a temperate climate throughout the year this vibrant town is easily accessed from Dimapur a two hour drive away. The drive is an extremely scenic one with regular local eateries lining the highway. Kohima suddenly springs into a view perched on a high ridge. It was originally one of the main villages of the Angami tribe and like other Naga villages was located near natural water sources. In the town there are a number of places to visit. For instance there's the famous War Cemetery a memorial to officers and men of the Allied forces who laid down their lives fighting the Japanese forces in World War II. It is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The State Museum stores a treasure in historical artifacts, attire of warriors and other costumes besides interesting effects of the local tribes. The Zoological Park offers the visitor glimpses of the fauna of Nagaland. It is here that the rare Blythe's Tragopan now on the endangered list is being reared here in captivity. A variety of rare species of Orchids can also be seen here. Kohima Village greets you with a traditional gate and buffalo, Mithun and other wild animal's skulls greet you mounted on the portico of houses. Another Naga village is Khonoma where you can get a close look at the tribal lifestyles of these simple, and brave folk.

Around Kohima the landscape unveils its true beauty – the Dzukou Valley at 2438m, is a verdant valley strewn with am myriad wild flowers and surrounded by green hills and ideal rock climbing sites. The two wild life sanctuaries of Fakim and Pulie Bazde sustain a wide variety of wild life and birds while the hilly area of Dzulekie is another picturesque spot near Kohima is where domesticated Bison graze on the rich grass under the cool gaze of green hills and tiny waterfalls. Other places to visit include the 3048m high Japfu Peak where mountaineers can try out their skills. Excellent views of the surrounding landscape are afforded for those succeeding in reaching the summit. 37 Kms from Dimapur lies the Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary a habitat of a number of species of animals and birdlife.

Nagaland is one of the most picturesque and colourful states in the North East and Tribal Discovery makes your holiday here comfortable and one of discovering another world.

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