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The lively and vibrant capital of the state, it surprises you with its sublime charm at every corner. While approaching Shillong from Guwahati on what is reputed to be the world's most beautiful mountain road in India with excellent views of the surrounding thickly forested mountains and a silvery river keeping company all the way. As another jewel crops up in the appearance of the placid Umiam or Barapani Lake you know you're already enchanted with the magnetism of Meghalaya. Though Shillong has grown the grandeur of the colonial era persists in certain areas of the town reminders of the halcyon days of the British Raj. The town itself pampers you with excellent accommodation and fine dining with a proliferation of Restaurants serving Chinese, Continental and Tibetan and Indian cuisine. The town also has a number of roadside eateries serving delicious Momos(stuffed dumplings) and wholesome thukpas (steaming noodle soup) and Chowmein. Abundant water falls and lakes ( Elephant falls, Spread Eagle falls, and Beadon and Beacon twin falls, Ward Lake ) make Shillong one of the most fascinating destinations in the region.

There's also the historic Golf Course – landscaped in 1924 and then known as 'Gleneagles of the East' , an 18 - hole expanse of rolling green fringed by rhododendron and pine trees well worth a visit.

Around Shillong

16m Kms before Shillong on NH 40 (Guwahati – Shillong) is the azure and gleaming Barapani or Umiam (water of the eyes in Khasi dialect) lake. It offers rowing boats, water skiing and speed boating. A floating restaurant on the lake offers good fare. For the adventurous and if inclined, Tribal Discovery takes you caving in the famous Krem Umlavan , Krem Lashing , and Krem Kotsat caves. This popular adventure sport is best done from October to March. We also visit the wettest places on earth – Cherrapunji and Mawsynaram 3 Kms apart from each other they remain frequently veiled by thick clouds.

12 Kms away from here is the Thangkarang bird sanctuary with a profusion of exotic birds. The beautiful Elephant or Umdiengpun Falls 12 Kms away can be seen cascading down while travelling to Sadew. Gushing down the hillsides west of Mawprem in Shillong are the Bishop or Suna Pani Falls tumbling down an awesome 135 metres and particularly impressive in monsoon.

Shillong is a heady experience and Tribal Discovery is there to transform your holiday into one of the most unforgettable ones you've ever had or will have. We offer well organised package tours to Meghalaya in the best seasons.

Cherrapunjee and Mawsynaram

56 Kms from Shillong at a height of 1300m., Cherrapunji has from the last century always been associated with rain. Lots of rain. For it's the only place in the world that received the highest rainfall on earth. Now the neighbouring hamlet Mawsynaram with its famous giant stalagmite formation in the shape of a Shivaling, has taken over the mantle as the wettest place. Enroute while driving to this wet paradise, you come across thunderous, cascading waterfalls plunging into deep gorges. One of the most spectacular are the Nohsngithiang Falls . Being of prime importance to the Khasi tribe, it is also considered the focal point for Khasi culture and literature. The popular health resort of Jakrem , 65 Kms from Shilling, offers rejuvenating and curative baths in its hot sulphur springs and is well worth a visit.


Tura at a height of 657 metres is set among inviting green hills looks out on to the all-encompassing Brahmaputra river winding its way to the Bay of Bengal , through the plains far below. Being the district headquarters of the West Garo Hills, Tura offers excellent spots for trekking, bird watching and rock climbing and is a treasure trove for the naturalist.


The Jaintia Hills sprawling 64 kms from Shillong are one of the most beautiful ranges in Meghalaya. The prominent picturesque town of Jowai stands at a height of 1380m., is the venue for the annual Behdeinklhlam festival. The drive from Shillong takes you through terraced paddy fields, forests of Oak and Rhododendron and Pine while the River Myntdu keeps you company most of the way. 24 Kms from Jowai is the small site of Nartiang where you get to see ancient tall monoliths dating several centuries back. The Khasi Hills also have their share of towering monoliths spread over the hillsides some of them reaching the incredible height of over 20 ft. The locals believe that these pillars of stone adjoining mounds of earth was where the remains of the dead were left.

Tribal Discovery takes you to these interesting sites on custom and pre arranged tours.

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