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Tribal Discovery offers you excellent holidays in this verdant, culturally rich state.Being the only gateway to all the other north-eastern states, Assam was once known as "Pragjyotishpura" meaning The Light of the East. Situated on both the banks of the expansive Brahmaputra River (the widest river in Asia), Guwahati is Assam 's largest city and capita and the gateway to the entire Northeast easily accessed from almost all parts of the country. The Kamakhya Temple dedicated to the Goddess of the same name stands on the Nilachal hillock, and is a major draw because of its significant religious importance. Get spectacular views of Guwahati city and the expansive Brahmaputra from here. The crowded and busy bazaars testify to the city being the commercial capital of the northeast. Its numerous markets are a shopper's delight, selling products ranging from the local handicrafts, silk and handloom products to exquisite cane and bamboo products. The other places to see in Guwahati include the renowned Balaji temple of Tirupati ; the Planetarium ; the beautifully landscaped Lachit Barphukan park; and Dighalpukhuri where you can take enchanting cruises on the Brahmaputra .

Around Guwahati

64 Kms from Guwahati is the beautiful Chandubi Lake a natural lagoon offering rowboat rides and excellent angling. This is an ideal spot for a day's picnic with low hills and lush green forests all around. The best months to visit are between November and April. 32 Kms from Guwahati is the small town of Hajo which is revered among three faiths-Hindu, Buddhist, and Islam. Hajo has numerous temples the most well known being the Hayagriva Madhab which is believed to contain the relics of Lord Buddha, while some Buddhists maintain that Buddha attained his enlightenment here. It is also a pilgrimage site for the citizens of Bhutan who flock here in large numbers during the winter months. There's also a Muslim shrine and a pilgrimage site known as the Poa-Mecca . Also 32 Kms away is Sualkuchi a small village often referred to as the Manchester of the east because of its traditional weaving of delicate silk fabrics. Among the three fine varieties of silk that Assam produces are – Golden Muga; White Pat; and the warm Eri. Sualkuchi is perhaps one of the world's largest weaving villages with its entire residents engaged in the weaving of this exquisite material. Assam is also the only place in the world where Muga silk -often referred to as golden silk - is produced.


A small town on the right bank of the River Brahmaputra close to neighbouring Arunachal Pradesh is also referred in the Puranas as 'Sonitpur' - city of blood. Associated with the mythological war fought between Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva Tezpur saw rivers of blood flow through its streets hence the name. Being the headquarters of Sonitpur district Tezpur is one of the most picturesque towns of the state. From the town you get spectacular views of the distant Arunachal hills and snow clad mountains. Also within close proximity are lush green rolling tea gardens. Haflong (translated – hillock of white ants) is a hill town and the district headquarters of the North Cachar Hills. A beautiful lake in the centre offers great views of the Cachar hills. 9 Kms away is the Jatinga Bird Sanctuary known for its rare birds. An unusual phenomenon between the months of August and November sees migratory birds committing suicide in large numbers. The best time to visit this sanctuary is from April to August. Haflong and its environs also offer short treks besides paragliding and hang gliding. There are abundant fruit orchards here growing some of the sweetest oranges and pineapples in the country. Sibsagar Once the capital of the Ahom Dynasty for 600 years, it is today a fast developing town, and a historical city with important archaeological remains and monuments. 369 kms east of Guwahati it is a leading tea and oil producing district with a number of tea gardens. It's a charming town with a large artificial lake built in 1734 A.D. with a Shiva temple on its banks.

Flora and Fauna

There are 11 Wild Life sanctuaries in Assam along with one exclusive Bird Sanctuary. Among the National Parks – the famous 430 Sq.Kms Kaziranga National Park stands out as a habitat of the one-horned Rhinoceros. It was declared a forest reserve in 1908 by Lord Curzon the then Viceroy of British India and renamed Kaziranga National Park in 1974. Among the other animal species that have found safe haven here are the Indian Bison, Elephant, Tiger, Leopard and Jungle cats, Swamp and Hog Deer, Sambhar, the capped Langur and the Hoolock Gibbon. Among the innumerable bird life are Fishing Eagles, Heron, Egret, colourful Hornbills, the Ibis, and Cormorants. The landscape comprises dense forest, giant elephant grass, thin dense reeds, patches of marshes, and tiny pools.

Another National Park famous for being the only Tiger Project in Assam and one of nine in the country is the Manas National Park located on the banks of the Manas River . Covering an area of 519.77 Sq.Kms, Manas sustains a wealth of rare wildlife. Among the many wild animals found here include the rare Pigmy Hog, Hispid Hare, Golden Langur, One horned Rhinoceros, and Asiatic Buffalo. The other animals that find safe haven here are the leopard, tiger, elephant, clouded leopard, Himalayan Bear and Sambhar, Swamp and Hog Deer. Manas also attracts thousands of migratory birds during winter. While the forests of Manas resound with the sounds of the Indian Hornbill and Great Pied Hornbill, the migratory birds include Cormorants, a number of duck species, Forktails and White capped Redstars. Manas can be accessed from Guwahati by road – 176 Kms. The best months to experience the grandeur of Manas are November to April.

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