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People and Culture

Tripura has rich cultural heritage of 19 different tribal communities while among the emigrants, Bengalis form the majority along with Manipuri communities. Each community has its own festivals, fairs and dance forms. Among the main folk dances - Hozagiri of the Reang community; the Garia , Jhum, and Lebang boomani dances of the Tripura community, and the Cheraw dance of the Lusai community are famous. The Bengalis have their Gajan, Dhamail, Sari and Rabindra sangeet while the Manipuris perform the Basanta Rash and Pung chalam dances. Every community has its traditional musical instruments comprising drums, flutes, cymbals and other stringed instruments. Durga Puja is the boggest festival in Tripura.

Handicrafts and Handlooms also form a part of the culture and tradition of this hill state. The skills of weaving bamboo and cane and producing fine silks and other contemporary clothing have been handed down from generation to generation. Religion also forms an important part of the Tripura residents life evident in the profusion of ancient temples scattered all over the state with finely crafted idols of gods and goddesses placed within. For list of Packages click here.For Online Enquiry click here