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People and Culture

Cultural and Tribal Tour

Assam has a rich culture and tradition that has come down the ages. This is evident by the numerous ancient temples that dot the towns and countryside. Within the city is the nationally famous Kamakhya Temple dedicated to Goddess Parvati. Far to the eastern part of the state is the world's largest river Island – Majuli on the Brahmaputra . Over a period of 150 years, the Island has lost more than 280,000 acres to this mighty river due to massive erosion. Within the remaining 886 Sq.Kms that remain, 15 Vaishnavite monasteries are regarded as main centers of Assamese art, dance, music, handicrafts, literature and religion. Auniati one of the 'satras' as the monasteries are known has an incredible collection of ancient utensils, handicrafts and jewellery.We take you on a Jeep Culture tour to some fascinating villages and towns on our special,