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Arts and Crafts

Tribal Discovery takes you a art & craft journey through the owns and villages of Tripura. The Tripura workman's' skill comes down from a unique tradition that expresses itself through fine, delicate work created out of simple materials obtained from nature - like cane, bamboo, clay, wood and palm leaf. Exceptional handicrafts of bamboo and cane form the basis of a variety of delightful objects. Among these superbly crafted products the most popular and much in demand are room furniture – cane chairs for varied uses, tables and sofas, room dividers, lamp shades and decorated wall panels – the list runs into over 200 items. Other inviting decorative pieces are also made using Bamboo roots which are transformed into dining table mats, floor mats and various other gift items. You can also view the different skills of these dextrous craftsmen in the tribal villages we visit. This skill is also intrinsic to the Bengali and Manipur settlers who have added their artistic talents to the local traditional Tripura designs and objects. The best places to shop for fine bamboo and cane furniture and delicate cotton silks and polyester fabrics are the Government Emporiums and some times the villages. Today with rapid development the craftsmen of Tripura have quickly adapted to newer designs and products to keep abreast with market demands.